Exora Beach Hotel 4 star New 24 rooms

Handpicked by our local DMC

About Exora Beach Hotel 4 star New 24 rooms

EXORA BEACH HOTEL is located 30km from the airport, 17km from the capital of Nosy Be (Hell-City) and 3km from Dzamandzar (2nd largest city in Nosy Be and capital of "Dzama" rum).  The hotel, beautifully situated by the sea on the west coast of Nosy Be, is opposite Nosy Sakatia, also famous as ‘the Orchid island’. Combining the utmost international comfort with Madagascar famous specificities such as its crafts, its flora, the welcome and the genuine smile of its team & its surrounding population, the hotel has heavily invested towards the preservation of the environment (solar installation, sewage treatment plant as per international standards, water recovery, sustainable development of the nearby village). The originality of several aspects of the hotel transforms it into a Boutique Hotel, recognized as one of the most beautiful little jewels of the island.

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